Bowie High School Parking Permits


Read the following information and then use the link at the bottom of the screen to purchase your permit. This link will not be activated until July 24, 2023!

 NOTE: Please DO NOT use a Gmail or AISD Student email address when buying your permit. The vendor's website is being updated and cannot currently send confirmation emails to Gmail address. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Please have the following information ready:

* Student ID Number and Driver's License Number

*Vehicle Identification Number (VIN#)

* Vehicle Make, Model, Color and Year

* License Plate Number

* Registered Owner Information and Relationship to Driver

* Insurance Company and Policy Number

*Credit card payment



Online credit card purchases are considered paid immediately, and a permit will be automatically reserved. No need to drop off any payments in the school office! 



-It is expected that students drive slowly in all parking lots.  Reports of students driving fast or reckless can result in the loss of your parking permit.

-Students should keep the parking lots clean. No littering! This is particularly important in the parking lot at Bethany, as Bowie students are guests. There are several trash cans located in the parking lots.

-Bowie parking lots and Bethany parking lots are considered “On Campus” and all student code of conduct rules apply. This includes tobacco products, vaping, drugs and alcohol.

-The parking permit is the property of Bowie H.S and must be surrendered upon request.

-The permit is only valid for the current school year and only for the vehicle indicated during the purchase of the permit. 

- Parking permits & RFID tags are NOT transferable to other vehicles. Vehicles found with transferred permits will be either booted or towed, and applicant’s parking privilege suspended for the year. Should applicant bring another vehicle on to the campus, applicant will either purchase another permit or apply for a Temporary Parking Permit.

- Bowie is a closed campus. Applicant understands that they do not have the authority to leave campus during school hours, and that doing so may automatically revoke applicants parking privileges.

- Applicant understands that ONLY SENIORS are allowed off campus during the lunch period. If applicant transports non-senior off campus during school hours, their parking privileges may be revoked.

-Students must have a Bowie parking permit to park in any of the Bowie student lots (on campus or Bethany).

- Parking spaces designated for faculty, handicapped and visitor parking are not to be used by students. All student vehicles will be issued a violation or possibly towed if found parked in any of these areas.

- All vehicles that applicant brings on school campus must have a parking permit or a temporary parking permit. The temporary parking permit link is located on the website, under 'Students - Parking Permit - drop down to the right- Temporary Parking Permit'.


Lot A Surface Permit -Allows parking in the small student lot and in the marching band lot. NOTE: The marching band lot will remain closed to parking for most of the fall semester for practices and rehearsals. Because parking will be limited during this time, the bulk of the surface parking permits will be held back and not sold until the end of marching season.

Lot B Garage Permit restricts parking to levels 2 & 3 of the garage. After you purchase your permit for Lot B, you will receive an RFID tag (mailed with the permit), which will operate the arm of the garage for entrance.  RFID tags must be permanently attached to the registered vehicle.  Placement of the RFID tag will be under the rearview mirror on the inside of the windshield. NOTE: Damage or loss of RFID tag will result in $30 replacement fee.  

Lot C Bethany Permit - allows for student parking in Bethany Lutheran Church’s lot on the Slaughter Lane side. Students may NOT park in the section of the lot along Wolf Trap. NOTE: Bethany is managing its own parking areas and has set its fees accordingly..



Permits & RFID tags must be permanently attached to the registered vehicle. Placement of the parking permit will be in the left hand corner of the windshield, no more than one inch above the registration sticker.



Violations of any of the above listed school parking policies are subject to the following consequences:

First offense: Warning sticker and referral to the administrator. Parent is notified of violation and the car will be towed on next offense.

Second offense - and any additional: Vehicle is towed.

*The following parking violations may result in immediate towing:

1. Parking Permits being transferred to another vehicle.

2. Parking in areas designated for Handicap, Fire Zone, Faculty and/or Visitor.

*The parking lot Security may remove reapplied or improperly applied permits & RFID tags. *If a parking permit is removed due to a parking violation, the purchase of a new permit requires approval from an Assistant Principal.

By applying for a parking permit, Applicant and Parent/Guardian affirm that they have read the above listed parking policies. Applicant and Parent/Guardian recognize that student parking at Bowie High School is a privilege and both agree to abide by the parking policies.


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For specific questions/concerns, please email Mr. Espinoza at


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