West Texas A&M University Parking Permits

Welcome!    West Texas A&M University is excited to offer the convenience of buying your parking permit online.  No more standing in long lines, simply follow the steps below and your parking permit will be mailed directly to you.

With this website you can purchase your parking permits, and manage any citations you may have.

Please be ready to provide the following information

Accepted Payment Methods Through this Website:

Credit Cards with a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover Logo.   Students will have paid for their initial parking permit through a fee at registration and there is no additional cost. Faculty and Staff can also use Payroll Deductions; cost is based on your 2023-2024 salary.


Accepted Payment Methods at Parking Services:

 Acceptable forms of payment include: Buff Gold Card, Debit/Credit Cards or Checks.  We are not accepting cash payments at this time. Additional permits can only be obtained at the Parking Services Office (Old Student Union Building) and there is a $40.00 charge per additional permit.


***Drivers with account obligations, such as unpaid citations, are not eligible to purchase permits until your account is in good standing. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Parking Permit Changes for 2023-2024


New student permits will be available to order the Monday following each NSO starting May 22. 

Returning students, staff, faculty and VERO will have the ability to order permits starting at 8:00 a.m., Monday, May 22, but your current permit does not expire until August 17, 2023.

Student, staff and faculty permits will be the same color and design.  Faculty permits will be designated as such on the permit.  

Permits will be front facing and registration is not complete until the permit is properly displayed on the inside, lower right corner of the front windshield (passenger side).  

Vehicles can have no more than one WTAMU parking permit displayed on the inside of the front windshield. This is to avoid possible visibility/safety issues.

Temporary permits (including VHAC membership permits) will also be front facing and required to be displayed on the inside, lower right corner of the front windshield (passenger side).

Permits will expire May 17 of each year instead of August 17 starting in 2024.

Motorcycle Permits will be available to order online.  It will count as the single permit allowed to order online.

Those who opt to use payroll deductions could have an overlap if they choose to order early this year. 

New staff and faculty tier levels for 2023-2024 available for review in the Parking Rules & Regulations.




1. You must use your WTAMU email address when ordering a parking permit.

2. The web browser must be Google Chrome or Firefox (Safari is not supported).

3. You can order a permit with a temporary license plate. Once you receive your new plate, call Parking Services and update your information.

4. When placing your permit order, make sure the address you enter is where you will be within 20 days that it takes to receive it.

5. Display your 20 day temporary parking permit on the front right dashboard.

6. Only one permit can be ordered online per academic year. Additional permits must be purchased at Parking Services.


Students: As of August 1, 2023, if you have not previously ordered a parking permit and you will be living on campus, please get a WT mailbox the first week of classes.  Then, order your permit using your WT email address.  You will instantly receive a 20 temporary parking permit.  Simply print and display on the right side of your front dashboard.


Purchase 2023-2024 Permits Here


Manage Citations Here


If you need assistance, please contact Parking Services at (806) 651-2309. 

Office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday.


Note: Refunds are not available for surrendered permits. Permits must be revoked or owner will be held responsible while the permit is valid for the proper parking of the vehicle, regardless of who may be the operator.



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