You have 20 days to appeal the citation. If no action is taken within 20 days of the "Issued On" date, the ability to appeal the citation will be lost.

If you do not appeal, you have 30 days to pay the initial citation amount. If you do not pay within 30 days, the citation will be marked as late for payment, and the fine will be assessed a one-time $15.00 late fee.

Two options:

1) Apply for an appeal within 20 days of citation issue date. May appeal the citation without making payment first.  See Rules and Regulations for further information on Appeals process.

2) Pay citation - To avoid late fees and forgo the appeals process.

The following reasons are NOT grounds for an appeal:

1. Lack of knowledge of the regulations;

2. Other vehicles were parking improperly;

3. Late to class/appointment;

4. This is my first citation;

5. Did not see a parking sign;

6. Inability to pay the amount of the fine;

7. Operation of vehicle by another person;

8. Disagreement with or disregard for traffic and parking regulations.

9. Game day parking violation:  Cannot be appealed

You must use your WTAMU email address when submitting an appeal. Failure to do so may result in messages being rejected by outside email providers.

The appeal should present substantial or valid evidence that the parking violation was not committed or that the occurrence was due to circumstances beyond your control.

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