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Public Safety department now located in D171

Student parking permits are now available for Spring Quarter 2020.

Employee parking permits are available for academic year 2019-2020.

Students do not need a parking permit if they will not be visiting the campus during remote instruction.

Should you need to visit campus during Spring 2020, you may purchase a quarterly permit, a $2.00 daily permit, or a weekly $10.00 permit by using the parking meters located in visitor lots 12, 16, and P-5


(Click HERE to buy Spring 2020 quarterly student  or annual employee 2019-2020 permit)

Required Information:

E-mail address - Mailing Address - Vehicle Make - Vehicle Color - Vehicle License Plate

Permits are required on all Bellevue College Main Campus parking lots Monday - Friday from 6am to 3pm except holidays and school breaks

Parking permits should be visibly displayed on the lower left corner of the windshield

If your temp parking permit has expired and you didn't receive actual permit via mail, contact Public Safety department ASAP

Prices (click on parking map to enlarge):

Map showing lots 1, 3, & 5 colored orange, all other student and visitor lots colored green, and stating that Discount permits are valid in orange colored lots on this map and Everyday, 2-day, and Daily permits are valid in all green colored lots as well as all orange colored lots on this map.

Employee Parking Permits valid on employee, visitor/metered and general parking lots only

Quarterly Daily Parking Permit  $65.00 (not valid in carpool area & LEFE without a special permit)

Quarterly Discount Parking Permit (lots 1, 3, and 5 ONLY; NO GARAGE PARKING)  $40.00

Quarterly Monday/Wednesday Parking Permit  $35.00

Quarterly Tuesday/Thursday Parking Permit  $35.00

Quarterly Motorcycle Parking Permit  $35.00

(One Quarterly Motorcycle Permit FREE with purchase of $65.00 Quarterly Daily Parking Permit )

(All motorcycle permits must be picked up at D171)


Visitor/Daily Metered parking lots 12, 16 and Parking Garage Level 5:

Carpool/LEFE Permits (available in person in D171 only)

Full price quarterly permit required + Carpool/LEFE permit

Please contact Public Safety (Parking) for more details (425) 564-2516


Beginning Fall 2018, Bellevue College starts to offer GENERAL PARKING on lot 1, 3, and 5 that open for ALL parking permit types including employee parking permits. Discounted Quarterly Everyday Permit only valid for use in Parking Lots 1, 3 and 5 ONLY (check BC parking map).

Waiver students: this is the permit provided for you.



You do not need to proceed. Washington State Legislature RCW 46.61.582 allows drivers who have valid, current ADA signage displayed on their vehicle to park in zones or metered areas free of charge. ADA parking is permitted in ADA stalls and non-reserved stalls.


(available for purchase on 4/08/2020)


(expires on 6/30/20)






Citation Example

     Student permits are issued quarterly and expire the day before the following quarter's start date.


APRIL 8, 2020 - JUNE 30, 2020

     Employee permits are issued annually and expire on June 30th. 

Payroll Deduction does NOT automatically renew after Spring Quarter.  A new permit must be purchased for each new school year before your first day on campus (for example: if you don't work during Summer Quarter, we suggest that you wait until the week before Fall Quarter starts to purchase your new permit)

    Citations may only be appealed within 20 days of the date issued. Non-appealed tickets must be paid in order to remove blocks on accounts.

Accepted Forms of Payment (Students):

Debit/Credit Cards with a VISA or MasterCard logo.


Cash Payments are also accepted but require additional steps which will be discussed later in the ordering/payment process.


All Sales Are Final.

Try sharing your ride to earn cash, taking the bus, or biking to campus!

If you usually drive your car or are looking for alternatives, you can consider taking the bus, biking, or carpooling a few days a week or all the time. It's easy to do, and BC offers great programs and discounts!


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